Feature Film

Here is one of my 12-20 minute Feature Films

Why you should hire a Specialist!

Is your Florist baking the cake? Is your Maitre D driving the Limo? So why would you hire a DJ or Photographer to video/film your wedding? It’s you Special Day and you deserve a true Cinematographer.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q. How long will it take to receive my video?
A. Approximately 1-8 months.

2. Q. What is your payment plan:
A.  $1,000 deposit to hold the date.  $2,000 due the week of the event and the balance due when the video is complete.

3. Q. How long does the video editor keep the footage before it is deleted from the computer’s hard drive?
A. The editor keeps the video footage stored for 30 days after completion.  After 30 days, he deletes the footage.  It is suggested to purchase the Raw Footage.

4. Q. Before the wedding, do we have to meet in person to discuss the details of the day?
A. No, the week of the wedding we discuss all the details over the phone.

5. Q. Should I make a note of my wedding date on all correspondence?
A.  Yes.

6. Q. Since you work mostly on the weekends, If I call you on Friday or Saturday, when will you return my call?
A.  Monday or Tuesday.

7.  Q. Do we receive the Trailer or Raw Footage before the final video is completed?

A. The Trailer and Raw Footage are delivered when the entire video is completed.

Studio Directions

59 New Monmouth Road

Middletown, NJ 07748

(732) 533-5133

My driveway is located next to the Exit of the Middletown Library.   I share a driveway with House #61 and #57.  My home/studio is set back in the woods and not visible from the street.

Payment Plan:

1.  $500 deposit to secure the date.

2.  $500 due the week of the wedding.

3.  Balance due when the video is complete.  (approximately 1-8 months)

I make the majority of the payment due after the weddings as this usually benefits the bride and groom.  Video is not delivered until payment is received in full.  (No Exceptions)


Due to the large number of inquiries I am receiving, I am unable to hold dates. If I do not have a contract for a specific date, that date is still open. Thank you.

Sofia Simons first photos